Conveniently located at Manzil Downtown Dubai and also easily reachable by walk from Dubai mall.

We’ve heard so much about the monster shakes served here that Fume has been No. 1 on our bucket list ever since. And those monsters you call ‘shakes’ were so totally worth it. We travelled via the public transport to get here which was quite easy. It’s also walking distance from Dubai mall and if you’re in a car then don’t worry, they have valet parking (free valet parking available on spending of AED 100). 

Ratings : 7 Golden Nuggets
The wooden interiors and the chalk designs give off a rustic feel to the place. They do have seats with an impeccable view of the majestic Burj Khalifa so do go find that spot. Overall the place has a feel good vibe to it.
Brownie Points:
Home Delivery
Valet Parking Available
Golden Treasure : Bro-nut
Bite Board :
1. Bro-nut [AED 52]: A monster shake topped with a chocolate brownie and loaded with Nutella and marshmallow. The brownie was perfect and tasted sublime. Every sip was an absolute delight. It’s definitely a must for all you die hard chocolate fans. The portions are huge and could easily be shared between two.
2. Popping Cereal [AED 53]: Another divine creation with caramel popcorn and white chocolate shake. The shake tipped towards the extreme sweet side so those with a sweet; what are you waiting for? The popcorn was a bit messy and hard to eat but fair warning was given by the server in advance so no complaints there!
3. Honey & Chili Marinated Chicken [AED 82]: A half chicken that would interest Thai flavor food explorers. The chicken didn’t have that WOW factor as with the desserts. We would have preferred a boneless version with more crispness rather than what we got a sad chewy version with an average taste.
The servers were good. Not really friendly judging by their behavior but overall an okay service.
Cash Outflow 💸:
The pricing seems to be overpriced even for being in a prime location. Nice place to try out once or if you have a large group to get it under budget.
Timings ⏰:
9 AM to 12 AM
Location :
Contact 📞:
+971-4 456 8784
Circling Back ♻️:
Everyone has been raving about their breakfast menu so yes; we’re heading back there again soon!
Have any of you been to Fume? How was your experience?
Is the place scrumptious enough?✔️

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